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RPM Machine, Inc. provides many services for all your automotive machining needs. Please contact us for estimates or if you have a special project, broken down piece of equipment that makes you money, high perfomance need or a customer that needs a quick turn around.


Listed below are the standard services we offer:



  • Polishing

  • Grinding

  • Crank Straightening

  • Welding and resurfacing

  • Magnafluxing

  • *SHOP* Cranks Available

      Engine Blocks
  • Checking Line Hone

  • Line Hone 

  • Bore Block 

  • Hone Block

  • Bore/Hone with Torque Plates 

  • Milling

  • Magnafluxing 

  • Stroker Clearancing 

  • Lifter Honing

  • Rem. & Rep. Cylinder Sleeves

  • Engine Balancing

  • Rem. & Rep. Pistons

  • Recondition Rods

  • *SHOP* Blocks Available

      Cylinder Heads
  • Magnafluxing

  • Pressure Checking 

  • Vacuum Testing

  • Milling

  • Installing Guides

  • Installing Hardened Seats

  • 3 Angle Valve Jobs

  • Valve Resurfacing

  • Porting and Polishing Performance Heads

  • *SHOP* Heads Available

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